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If you are an adult dealing with ADD, then you know slowing down can be a very difficult thing to do. There always seems to be a lot to get done and there’s never enough hours in the day. Your mind starts reeling trying to complete every task or you upset yourself fearing you will not get it all done. As a result, a lot of time is used worrying and it leaves very little time for pleasure. While slowing down is difficult, it is very possible. Here are 6 established methods to slow down the adult ADD brain.

1. Put Down the Work

Set established work hours and stand by them. Overtime is inevitable at times, but only do it if it is absolutely unavoidable. You will work more competently during the day when the time you have to complete your job is fixed. Take a break on weekends or at least 2 days of the week.

2. Arrange for a Night Out With Others

Nothing is more enjoyable than having a night out with the people that care about you. This could be with colleagues, friends, family, or members of a group you are a part of. Do something enjoyable and relaxing and avoid talking about work or stressful things. Have a good time!

3. Make a Weekly Obligation

Find a reason to get out of the house and out of the office each week. Attend a class and learn a new hobby, join a group that you can do activities with, or maybe try going to the gym. Try to make this an obligation that is not easy to make excuses to get out of.

4. Keep a Journal

Maintaining a daily journal compels you to stop and think things over before you act. It helps you to deal with nervous tension and achieve clearness. Schedule the time to write everyday, even if it is merely for 10 minutes! Do not be bothered about sentence structure and grammar – just get your feelings on the paper.

5. Meditate Daily

There are a lot of methods of medication, but mindfulness meditation can be especially effective. Make an effort to keep your mind focus and avoid clinging to worrisome or troublesome feelings. Start with just 5 minutes spent in mindful meditation daily and build on your performance as you become more at ease.

6. Unplug Before Bed

Frequently, you will find yourself on your computer or your phone at 3AM, completely occupied in exploring something totally arbitrary. You just cannot move away from the PC and go to bed because the computer stimulates your brain. Switch the tech off at least two hours prior to going to sleep to suitably relax and slow down at night.

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